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Architect's Advice to an existing building

Through Archicentre

What is it?

This is ideal for established property owners and home owners who are concerned
about problems at their property (e.g. cracking, dampness, leaks, drainage, subsidence).

An Architect’s Advice Report service will include a site meeting with your
architect to discuss concerns, an investigation of the issue and the preparation of a
written report outlining recommendations, all for a fixed fee. This is done through the
esteemed Archicentre Australia, the Architect Advisory Service for the general public,
and we are proud to be one of their Service Architects. Note that some defects may
require further invasive testing or referral to specialist consultants.

If you are building or renovating your property – including a home – and a dispute
arises with your builder that degenerates into a ‘your word versus theirs’ dispute – the
smartest course of action is to get an independent expert to assess and guide you.
Archicentre Australia can help you – even before the process might lead you to seek
Building Dispute Expert Advice.

For more information:

If this sounds like what you need:


We offer a follow up architectural services to the recommended rectifications. Kindly understand that it would be a different engagement with more involvment.

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