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Full Architectural Services

From Start to Finish
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What is it?

   John Low Architect Pty. Ltd. is pleased to offer our premium Architectural service, for property owners desiring a unique building design to be taken from conception through to physical completion. A full architectural service engagement is a trusting relationship between the architect and the client. Our process is collaborative, bringing your design to fruition as a team.

   We specialise in Residential buildings - from full rebuilds to humble renovations. We believe that our engagement as your primary consultants throughout the project places us in the best position to deliver your project and manage associated risks.

There are many benefits of engaging us including:

→ Personal professional engagement and advice.
→ Unique custom design, tailored to your needs.
→ Consultant referral and coordination.
→ Communication with relevant the bodies and contractors.
→ Independant and fair administration in a daunting industry.


    We understand that the building procurement process is complex, involving many stages. Therefore we have developed a phase-by-phase guide, outlining the different phases for you to follow.

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We encourage you to see the benefits of working with a registered architect:

If this describes what you are looking for:

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